Wednesday, June 26, 2019



The children:

▪       Art Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

▪       Thank you for creating an art camp for us, it was so fun! I can’t wait to attend your next camp in August!! Your classes are very thoughtful, clear and creative and the activities and stories are of great interest.

▪       “The best-est, wonderfull-est, cool-est class a student could ever wish to take! (Katherine Yau, age 13)

▪       “The best opportunity to learn art and photography is at VICTORIA’S art camp!  Victoria’s camp is fun filled with art! (Hannahlise, age 9)

▪       “No kid wants photography camp to end.  They want it to go on and on” (Natanel, age 8)

▪       “It was fun!  I liked when we made the books.  It was fun and amazing when we made the pinhole camera (Isha, Age 7)

▪       “It was awesome to take pictures of everything outside and it was fun when we got to play outside.  We had a lot of fun in the dark room and had the best time with the nicest teacher!” (Tanvi, Age 9)

▪       “Awesome!  I didn’t know what I was capable of doing!” (Martin, age 9)

▪       “I like the class a lot.  I learned lots of things I didn’t know about photography.”(Esteban, age 9)

▪       “Every morning when I woke up, I was so excited to go to art camp.  It is the best camp anyone could join.  All dream will come true!” (Atalya, age 11)

▪       “It is a very creative, interactive, and exciting class.  I always look forward to art camp and every class is so fun-filled.  I absolutely love Victoria’s art camp.” (Jenna, age 13)

The parents:

You are outstanding as an artist and teacher!

The classes were very creative and fun.

▪       “What a talented teacher and artist with lots of fresh ideas.  She knows just how to draw out the best in each person.”(Deepti, Parent)

▪       “Victoria is one of those rare gems who can turn anything she touches into pure gold.  For years, Victoria has worked tirelessly to transform our neighborhood from disparate households into a cohesive family community that nurtures our children’s imagination and creativity. Victoria creates magical childhood moments where our children can grow and discover a world beyond their own.  She has unleashed the inner-artist in each child and has prepared them for a life-long love of the arts.”  (Avi, Parent)

▪       “The kids explained to us all the things they learned about each artist and genre.  They gave us detailed explanations of the process and techniques that they used in their art work!  It was really amazing!   I have been thoroughly enjoying your PowerPoint presentations!  We can’t wait for this next session!  What a fabulous inspiration.  You are such a good teacher.  In our nursery school lingo, we would say that you are working in the “Reggio” style–an Italian philosophy that inspires creativity that stems from the children interests!!!”

“I never got a chance yesterday to thank you for the kids’ class. It was really special. Something about what you did was magical — the subject, the size of the class, the atmosphere. They were so happy. It was a really wonderful week they will never forget. THANK YOU!!!”
“She loves coming to you. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful part of her life.” C.
“She loves Tuesday’s art classes.  Thank you for making art so much fun.” A.