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Ancient China for Kids

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Ancient China for Kids is part of our series about Ancient Asian Art. China is one of the oldest civilizations that continue right up to today. It history began more than 5,000 years ago.

Many other civilizations have lived and died, such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Many different dynasties lived in what China is today, they ruled, fall, and another dynasty took power.

Chinese architects and engineers were very advanced; they built the biggest cities of their time, the Great Wall of China that stretched for more than 1,600 miles, the Silk Road that covered more than 8,000 miles, suspended bridges, and a large network of canals.

They invented silk, paper, the movable type press, the abacus, the first seismograph, the compass, and the kite.

Ancient China for Kids

Ancient China for Kids

Ancient China for Kids

Ancient China for Kids

Ancient China for Kids

Imperial City of Xi'an

Grat wall of China

Great wall of China

Silk Road in Ancient China

Ancient China for Kids, suspended bridge

Ancient canals network

Ancient China for Kids silk making

Ancient China paper making for Kids

Ancient movable press China for Kids

Ancient China abacus for Kids


Ancient China kite for Kids

Ancient China compass for Kids


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