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Art Project for Kids: How to make a Collage

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Collage is a very easy and fun technique for young and older kids. It can be as easy as you want to make it, or as complex as only famous artist have master them. So we can say that collage is a technique for kids of all ages!

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History of collage

The History of Collage is almost as old as paper. But for hundreds of years it was not considered an art technique. It was used for decoration or to make crafts.

Paper Collage for kids

This is a perfect technique for children, they love the process of finding images, creating their own colored papers and discovering a lot of ideas in newspapers and magazines.

Fabric collage for kids

Making a Fabric collage with children is a lot of fun. When we think about making a collage, we usually give them colored paper, magazines and old pictures, but we rarely use fabric.

Tissue paper collage for kids

This project came out so beautiful. The tissue paper collage is very easy to make even for the little ones. We decided to make a self-portrait, and the final results were amazing, they look like stain glass windows.

3D Collage for Kids

As one of our collage series, our project today is How to Make a 3D Collage, and our guest artist is the American sculpture Louise Nevelson. She created her monochromatic sculptures using wood and found objects.

Colored Rice Collage for Kids

As a part of our collage series, we decided to try some unconventional media: colored rice. This is very easy art project, and kids would love it.

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