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Smartphone Photography: How to Shoot in High Contrast Situations

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Photographing in high contrast situations is a very difficult task, even for professional photographers using state of the art equipment.

But our smartphones have the possibility to manage these situations with an application in the camera called HDR.

HDR means High Dynamic Range. What this application does is that takes multiple photos of the same image at the same time, with different exposure settings. Then it combines them all together as one picture.

Tips to take better pictures with a smartphone

Once you turn on your application, the camera will take two pictures, one regular, and one HDR. The first one will show a high contrast image, in which the shadows are going to be dark and the highlights are going to be completely blown out.

HDR photography Iphone and smartphone app

The second image is going to reduce this difference, making the shadows lighter, and the highlights with more detail. You can see how the brick wall has a lot of detail now.

HDR photography Iphone and smartphone app

In order to take full advantage of this application, it is very important to tell the camera where should it take the light measurement.

Tips to take better pictures with a smartphone

To do this, you should tap the screen in the darkest part of the image, and then hold the camera steady and take the picture.

Tips to take better pictures with a smartphone

The results are a little bit unreal, and it doesn’t really give you a good detail in some parts of the image, but it is worth experimenting with it.

Do not leave this app on all the time, because it is not necessary. It will only work in high contrast situations and it is very time consuming while it process the HDR image; plus it doesn’t improve the quality.

Tips to take better pictures with a smartphone

In the iPhone, the app is in the main camera, for other smartphones you might need to download it. To turn it on, find the button at the top of the screen that says Options. Tap this button and you will see the Grid and HDR buttons. To turn on HDR, switch the button to ON by tapping it.

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