Saturday, May 25, 2019

Project for kids: Backlight Photography with a Smartphone


Backlighting isn’t ideal for a smartphone camera because the pictures are often underexposed. But you can use backlight creatively to you advantage.













Today we will learn how and when, can we use backlight and when should we avoid it.

 Do not try to make a portrait of someone who is in front of a window, even if you are using the flash. The smartphone flash I not strong enough to fill the shadows.

Do no try to take a picture of a room if it has a well-lit window in the back, the bright light will ruin the picture. It will be underexposed, noisy, and with a rainbow flare. Compose the image avoiding the window.



















Do create silhouettes leaving your main subject in the dark and expose for the background. To do this, you need to tell the camera where to measure the light.

















Touch the screen in a well-lit portion of the image, and a little square will show you where it is taking the reading. Move the square around and find a place where you feel it is right.












Don’t let a large portion of the image in the dark; try to balance the light and shadows in your composition.













Sunrises and sunsets work especially well.





















You can also try to hide the sun under a tree branch or an architecture feature to get a nice backlight picture. Do not attempt to photograph directly at the bright sun. The picture will be a mess and you can hurt you eyes.













Clouds reflections in the water work beautifully.













Flowers against the bright sunshine are especially nice if you get close.

All these pictures were taken with an iPhone 4, none of them was edited or manipulated.


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