Saturday, May 25, 2019

Photography Project for kids: Using a Smartphone in the City


Taking a walk in our own town or city is a great opportunity to teach photography to our kids. In today’s project, children will learn a few tips to obtain better images.













It is important to choose a bright and beautiful day, dark and rainy days won’t be as easy and fun to photograph. Smartphones work much better in high light situations.















Try to have the sun behind your back. Backlight is hard to handle, I will talk about it some other time. The colors are going to be brighter, and the sky will look blue instead of white.













Think like a tourist. What are the most important landmarks in your city or neighborhood? Take pictures of street names, building plates or any other sign to show where you were.













Remember the tiny details, flowers, insects, rocks or any other object that might be interesting to kids. To photograph small subjects you need to get close, so go dawn to the ground and have the camera as close as it can be. Take several pictures to ensure you get a good focus.












Tell a story; don’t forget the people, the colors around you, and the funny surprises.

All these pictures were taken with an iPhone 4, none of them was edited or manipulated.

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