Saturday, May 25, 2019

Photography for Kids: How to use the Smartphone Camera


Every day our kids use their mobile or smartphones to take pictures. For over 100 years Photography was almost magical, and only experts knew what was happening inside the little black box.















Today we have in our hands the power to produce good images; mobiles give us the opportunity to take photos anywhere and with relatively good resolution. For best results, we should teach our kids a few basic rules:

Keep the lens clean: It seems obvious, but kids keep their phones in their pockets, and backpacks and they use them with dirty hands. Dust and grease may block the small lens, producing blurred and unfocused images.

Avoid low light scenes: It is possible that in a few years the technology will allow us to use the smartphones cameras for night photography but for now, it is better to avoid low light conditions. The built-in flash has very low range and the camera’s internal sensor doesn’t have ability to capture images in dark settings. The pictures will look low contrast and “noisy” with a great distortion of the pixels.

• Composition: This is a basic all time rule of photography, and probably the most important one. Every good picture is created behind the camera, and the photographer’s eye is more important than the camera itself.

Make multiple shots: Another rule of thumb, never feel confident with only one shot. Find another angle, change the focus point, and repeat shots when you have several people in your frame. That will guarantee that at least one of the images will be better than others.

Do not use the digital zoom: The smartphone camera zoom cuts the number of pixels, it is not a mechanic zoom. So try to get closer to your subject and if it is not possible, you can crop the image later.

All these pictures were taken with an iPhone 4, none of them was edited or manipulated.

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