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Art Project for Kids: Colored Rice Collage

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As a part of our collage series, we decided to try some unconventional media: colored rice. This is very easy art project, and kids would love it.

Making a collage during the long summer months, on a rainy day, or when they are tired or sick, can turn their day around. Kids are creative by nature, and most materials are easily found at home. To learn about other collage projects, click in the image bellow.

Collage for Kids


  • Heavy weight water color paper
  • Watercolors or tempera paint
  • Brushes
  • White glue
  • Colored rice
Colored rice project for kids
Our first step in our colored rice collage, was to find a theme: We decided that since birds were as colorful as our rice, it would be a great theme.
We had plenty of colors to work with.
We started by painting the birds and the background with watercolors in a heavyweight paper.
Once our birds were ready, we used white glue in one portion and then we applied the rice.
It was fun to choose the colors, some kids used the same color of the background, some used a different one.
At the end, it got really sticky, but it was part of the fun.
The “all colors mixture” was everybody’s favorite: Tutti-Frutti
Colored rice project for kids
Colored rice project for kids
Colored rice project for kids
Colored rice project for kids

Colored rice project for kids


2 Responses to “Art Project for Kids: Colored Rice Collage”
  1. Sally Head says:

    How did you make the colored rice for the project colored rice collage?

  2. Victoria says:

    It is very easy to make, I just added a few drops of food coloring to a cup of rice in a plastic bag, I moved it around to coat the grains evenly, and I let it dry in a cookie sheet.

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