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Leonardo da Vinci for Kids: Water Devices

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Leonardo da Vinci was always fascinated by water; he left many drawings about waterfalls, floods, rivers, and storms. He designed different waterwheels, a device to measure humidity, a steam-powered cannon useful industrial machines powered by flowing water.

This article is part of my series about Leonardo da Vinci where you will find information about his life, facts and anecdotes of his science and artistic activities and his inventions.

These fully illustrated series are especially design for kids, to give them a complete understanding about his work. Please check our archive in the link below to have access to all the articles related to Leonardo da Vinci.

 Welcome to leonardo da Vinci wonderful life, please remember to leave your comments and questions below.

Leonardo da Vinci, biography for kids

Leonardo da Vinci was always fascinated by water; he left many drawings about waterfalls, floods, rivers, and storms.

Leonardo studied water in all its forms: liquid, vapor, and ice.

He designed water fountains for his patron’s gardens.

He dreamed about going underwater, he visualized a diving suit

He designed a breathing device similar to our diving snorkel, to plunge into the sea.

He also imagined webbed gloves, very similar to those we use today

Leonardo da Vinci Observing nature he imagined shoes for walking on water

Leonardo da Vinci designed a boat that could travel underwater and drew plans for a submarine 500 years before one was built

Leonardo da Vinci He drew a sketch for an unsinkable double-hulled boat. The boat had powered pedal-operated paddles.

Leonardo da Vinci thought about many different ways to build safer and stronger boats

Leonardo da Vinci thought about how to store boats or how to transport them.

Leonardo da Vinci designed  models of strong but lightweight bridges, easy to carry in case of war or natural disaster


Leonardo da Vinci thought about using steam to power war machines

Leonardo da Vinci visualized different ways of attacking the enemy while protecting the soldiers

Leonardo da Vinci designed dragging devices to clean canals and rivers.

Leonardo da Vinci designed cranes, canals, and ships.

Leonardo da Vinci designed and built locks to control the water flow in rivers and canals not only to ensure a good supply of water to the city, but also to cut the water supply to the enemy in case of war.



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