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Leonardo da Vinci Biography, for 5th grade Wax Museum

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Martin, who is 11, is doing his research project about Leonardo da Vinci. Since we just finished our art class series about him, Martin had a lot of information. This is the biography he wrote and some of the projects he did in class.

I am Leonardo da Vinci; I was born in 1452 in Vinci, Italy. My first memory is of a flying Kite coming down and landing on my crib. The kite is a species of Italian hawk; this memory later inspired me to design flying machines.

I never grew up with my parents; I grew up with my grand parents and my uncle in the Vinci’s countryside. When I turned 16 my father saw my sketches and took me to Florence to be an apprentice at Verrocchio’s workshop. I lived there for almost 10 years, learning the art of painting, sculpturing and designing.

After that, I spent years and years of my life with very powerful rulers, such as the Medici, The Duke of Sforza, and The King of France.

I am not only an artist, but I am also a designer, architect, sculptor, anatomist, weapon designer, inventor and musician.

I consider that one of my greatest achievements is the Last Supper. I painted it from 1495 to 1498. I used the recently discovered oil paints, that give the painting vivid colors and takes longer to dry, which allows me to work slow and give lots of layers in order to be perfect.

In this painting I used one of my favorite skills: Perspective. It is a technique that let a flat image to look tridimensional. This painting is very important to me, because it features expression and emotion.

My other favorite painting is Mona Lisa, it took me several years to paint it, and I never sold it, because I devoted too much time and effort to do it.


  • Leonardo da Vinci never stopped asking questions about how everything worked.
  • He researched and worked in many different fields.
  • He left more than 10,000 pages with his drawings and writings.

Character Traits

  • He loved nature.
  • He was centuries ahead of his time.
  • He was very determined.


Other Interesting Facts

  • He designed bridges, tunnels, armored cars, robots, the bicycle, a parachute, a submarine, the helicopter, a scuba diving suit, and many other artifacts




    This article is part of my series about Leonardo da Vinci where you will find information about his life, facts and anecdotes of his science and artistic activities and his inventions.

    These fully illustrated series are especially design for kids, to give them a complete understanding about his work. Please check our archive in the link below to have access to all the articles related to Leonardo da Vinci.


     Welcome to leonardo da Vinci wonderful life, please remember to leave your comments and questions below.


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