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Art for Kids: The Creative Process

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The creative process in children is an intuitive and internal process. As parents and teachers we must give them the tools they need to express and develop their creativity.

If we want our children to express themselves trough art, we don’t need not teach them a technique, maybe what we need to do, is un-teach them!

Whenever we emphasize less on the idea of getting a “final piece” of a certain artistic quality, and more on the delights of the procedure, they will be free to use intuition and imagination.

In case that time comes when they need to learn some techniques, they should never become more important than their imagination. We must always encourage them to create from within, from their fantasy and their own feelings.

The way each a child perceives and feels his or her world is unique and evolves as he or she grows. At 3 or 4 years they begin to clarify their drawings and control lines. First, they trace faces and simple human figures. Then, the head starts changing from very large (larger than the torso) to very small (size of an adult).

As they grow older, figures appear more elaborate, with volume and details like ears, eyelashes, fingers and clothing.

The use of space is also changes. When they are younger, they draw objects and people floating in space, slowly they trace a line for the floor and/or one for the sky; until they are finally able to place their figures in context, and fill the page. This is a natural process and we must not press our children making them aware of details that are not yet important.

Wherever they are unrestrained from the rules, they will create images that come from inside, and express their own individuality. This process will develop by itself, and as a parents, or art teachers, we just need to provide a good environment and the appropriate materials.

When children start drawing either a table or an animal, they will see it from above and the four legs will protrude to the sides, like an insect. Generally, it takes some years to move the legs down and accommodate them into a real perspective. It is important to respect the process and just feel delighted with the wonderful changes that occur in our children minds.

For them, each one of these changes represents an advance in their knowledge of the world. If we force the creative process, we will only get rejection and frustration. If we force children to please us, we will ruin their biggest treasure: their creativity.

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