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Art History for Kids: Egyptian Art

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Over 5000 years ago, a new and powerful culture emerged and built an amazing empire.  The Egyptian Art with the sophisticated and colorful paintings of gods and kings, battles and dramatic scenes of family life, is still here to tell their own story.

These painters were guided by quite strict rules for drawing the human body; they showed every part of the body the way it was easier to recognize. The heads, legs and arms were always showed on profile, while the chest and eye, were shown from front.

The walls of Egyptian tombs were completely decorated and were worked by teams of craftsmen who complemented each other.

First, a supervisor made the designs on a piece of white polished wood, while others applied the stucco on the walls, and some other designed and outlined with black paint.

The Egyptians believed that their paintings had incredible powers. The paintings in the tombs were designed to help the spirit of the dead to make a safe passage to life after death, to a magical place where they were to live happily ever after.

The Egyptians made their paintbrushes with fibers taken from plants tied to a thin wooden stick. The colors were cooked, grinded, and mixed with of glue.

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