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Art History for Kids: The Egyptians, Artists and Sculptors

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Ancient Egypt did not have a word for the concept of “art,” but Egyptians were artists and sculptors. Their statues and the paintings were not to be displayed and enjoyed as it has been done in recent centuries.

Egyptians invested much time and effort to produce their art, but their most beautiful pictures and sculptures were created and sealed in their tombs and were never seen by anyone. Why did they do that?

It is believed that the majority of Egyptian art had a religious meaning. The statues were objects where the gods or the dead could be visible, and a dead person could see through these images.

The images of battles, hunting scenes or family life, ensured that these situations would last forever. The craftsmen learned the techniques from their parents, and they passed their privileges to their children.

The Egyptians used the same technique and materials for thousands of years and achieved an amazing perfection. The sculptures were made in limestone, this stone is soft and easy to carve when freshly cut, but hardens when exposed to air. It can be easily painted, and the statues made thousands of years ago, still show all their glory.

Egyptians used mineral pigments to prepare their colors. Black came from scraped soot, from the pottery they used for cooking. The blue came from a mixture of silica, calcium and copper. The red and ocher were obtained from different mixtures of iron oxide. Malachite provided green, and white was prepared with calcium carbonate.


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