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Art History for Kids: The First Painters

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If we go back in history, we will surly get to our oldest ancestors: The First Painters. People began to draw thousands of years ago, even before they began to write or build houses.

Our ancestors believed that the paintings had fantastic powers, and did so with some religious or magical purposes. The oldest paintings that have been found were made in the walls of the caves and were created 35.000 years ago.

Many of these paintings have been preserved because they were isolated from the rain, sun and wind. Some of them are in such a good condition that it seems that they were painted just a few years ago.

Primitive men painted inside caves, following the lines, crevices and projections from the rock walls to give volume to the animals.

Ancient people painted animals that lived at that time, as mammoths, cave bears and primitive lions. Some of the figures are just silhouettes, while other have volume and movement.

Cave art have been found around the world, and it is impossible to know their purpose, but we can assume that these paintings were very important to them, as the artists who created them put a lot of effort, work and skills in their job.

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