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Art Project for Kids: How to make Ice Sculptures

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Today we are going to learn how to make ice sculptures. These ephemeral sculptures are so precious that children have a hard time understanding they cannot come inside the house.  Each one of the pieces is different and it is always a surprise.

Do you think making ice sculptures was an activity only for very skilled artists?  we will share this easy and fun project that will bring smiles to everyone. You can also check these other nature art project for kids.

How to make an icicle

How to Make a Rock Sculpture






















2 Responses to “Art Project for Kids: How to make Ice Sculptures”
  1. Claudia says:

    I was impressed with you ice sculptures. Please I would like to know how do fill the balloons? how you poor the coloring food inside the balloon?…what tool do you use?

    Kindly, Claudia

  2. Victoria says:

    We poured the color in the balloons first, and then we wrapped the balloon around a water faucet and filled it with water. We didn’t used any tools, you just need to find a faucet that has a smooth edge. We used large balloons and didn’t filled them much, then made knots and we hanged them. If you want different color shades, do not shake the water after you fill the balloon, you can also try to add different colors.

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