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Art History for Kids: Ancient Quipus from the Incas

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Ancient quipus  from the Inca Empire are still a mystery. Quipus can be described as ancient books, but instead of have letters or symbols, they are made of strings and knots.The Inca Empire was one of the greatest empires by the time the Spanish Conquistadors discovered America. They lived in the Andes and developed a very advanced civilization.

Unfortunately, it has been impossible to decoded them because most of them were destroyed by the Spanish, as soon as they took power over the Incas. Just a few of them have been found, but it is known that they were very important for keeping their data and history.

To learn how to make a quipu, go to our project:

Ethnic Project for Kids: how to Make a Quipu

Make your own Quipu. Follow the easy steps here.


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