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Art Project for Kids: Creating a Hundertwasser Window

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Not many people have been fortunate enough to live in a Hundertwasser building. He was one of the most imaginative architects in Europe during the 20th century. He dreamt everybody should live like a king, and gave to the owners the “window right”.

He said: “As far as your arms reach, that is the area around your window which belongs to you as your own private living space”. In this project, we will be using our “window right”.


To Learn more about Hundertwasser click in the image below.

To make our dream house using very simple materials , click in the image below .



One Response to “Art Project for Kids: Creating a Hundertwasser Window”
  1. hattie says:

    hundertwasser is amazing he is a very good artist and its ahsame he is died 🙁

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