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Art History for Kids: Hundertwasser

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Hundertwasser was one of the most important artists & architects during the 20 century He was born in Austria in 1928. He believed that people were not happy when they have lost their connection with nature.

In this class series we are going to be as creative as Hundertwasser was. We will learn about his incredible fascination for life, color and nature. He will lead us to dream and enjoy a fantastic world, where we can live as queens and kings.


To make a beautiful Hundertwasser project, we will be using our “window right”. Click in the image below

To make our dream house using very simple materials , click in the image below .


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that this website is good but it doesn’t describe the style of art that Hunderwasser had. But it still helped me with my art homework. It was good because it said lots of his beliefs and some of his quotes. It lacked as their also wasn’t a range of sentence starters so it was more like a fact file than information. I would recommend this website to my friends for homework. It would be good if their was less pictures and more text as there was not much writing compared to some of the websites I looked at for this homework. There was much worse ones as well but ones that were considerably better.


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