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How to add a blue sky in Photoshop

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If the sky does not cooperate in our travel, we still can save the pictures. We just need two different images, the one we want to “repair” and another one with a beautiful blue sky.

We open the two images in Photoshop.


Then we need to work in both of them, to have them clean and spotless. The two of them need to be the same size and resolution.


Then we proceed to select the white and cloudy sky in our main image …


and then we slide the second image (the sky), holding the Shift  key in order to align them together.


Then we need to create a layer mask, by pressing the icon a the bottom of the Layers palette.

We can enlarge the image to work with the white and black brushes in order to erase the mask with the black or add with the white, so we can actually fix any imperfections.


The last step is to work in our main image contrast and saturation, so it matches the new beautiful sky.

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