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How to photograph through glass

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Photographing  through glass is not an easy task, I could say it is almost impossible to get a perfect picture. We can see that many people want to photograph through museum and aquarium windows, but they usually get very poor results.

When the inside of the window is darker than the outside, the glass will turn itself into a mirror, photographing with flash, will only return the flash back to the camera. If the inside of the window is lighter, we will get some of the image, but we will still get the flash reflection.

What is the solution? We can try several different things:

We need to use a tripod, and we should try to put the lens very close to the glass, the closer, the better. This will allow us to focus in the object we want to photograph and to get a good depth of field.

If we do not have a tripod, we should try to hold the camera against the glass or the glass frame to get some support and to avoid shaking the camera.

Getting very close to the glass is very important, because we can “erase” some of the glass imperfections when we focus in the object, not in the glass.

If we need to use the flash, we should try to photograph in an angle, not to shot straight to the glass.


We should also avoid having the sun and other light sources reflected in the glass and we also need to be aware of not getting ourselves or other people reflected in the window.

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