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Photographing architecture after sunset

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There is a magic hour, just after sunset, where we can take amazing pictures if we have a steady tripod and a good dose of patience. This is the perfect time to combine natural and artificial light to photograph landscape and architecture.

Since we are going to be photographing in low light conditions, we need to set the camera in a tripod in order to get a good depth of field, without making any sacrifice with the focus or the ISO.


The ISO in the camera let us set the sensibility in the camera sensor. A high ISO allows us to photograph in low light conditions or in normal light with high speed or very low lens aperture.

The problem is that higher the ISO, the higher the digital noise. Digital noise looks like small colored dots in the photograph, specially in the shadows.


So we should be able to use an ISO not higher than 400 and a shutter speed not larger than 20 seconds. We will also get digital noise when we use very large shutter speeds.


When we photograph in low light conditions, we need to find the right balance between the artificial and the natural light. The idea is to be able to get the deep blue sky, good detail in the buildings and the warm beauty of artificial light.

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