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How to photograph aquatic birds

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Photographing aquatic birds is a double pleasure, we get beautiful pictures and we enjoy nature at the same time.

A sturdy tripod and a good quality telephoto lens are must, as well as a good dose of patience. Photographing aquatic birds is easier than photographing other types of birds for two main reasons: they usually live in colonies, so you will be able to find many of them in the same spot and they spend many hours a day feeding and looking for pray close to shore.

It is possible that we may need a good amount of time waiting for them to get use to us and to our equipment. Once they realized that we are not a threat to them, they might be able to  keep in their own activities and forget about us.

Once we have the light in the right position, we had the time to check the exposure and we feel confident with the setting, we should take as much pictures as we can. It is better to have more than enough pictures, than regretting for no having press the shutter release  at the right time.

Just a small tilt of the head, the wind blowing up the feathers or catching the bird with its pray in the beak, can make a difference between a regular photograph and an amazing image.

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