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How to photograph birds in the zoo

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Photographing birds is not an easy task, it requires expensive equipment, large and heavy lenses, and travel to far away places to find exotic birds.

For the average amateur photographer this is not easy to achieve, but this is not something that should keep us from taking beautiful pictures of birds.

The zoo is a great place to start with, and we can concentrate in taking the pictures, not in finding and waiting for the birds.

It is important, though, to learn a little bit about the birds we want to photograph. Are they early risers? do they look more alert in the morning than in the afternoon? what time do they take their bath? If we go regularly to the same zoo, we will be able to take better pictures of them.

It is also important to know about the light. How can we get the most of the existing lighting, especially if it is inside a closed space.

We should be very carefully about our composition and extremely conscious about how we frame our subjects. We want them to look as wild animals, not as confined birds, so they must be away from fences, cages and concrete constructions.

The background should be as simple as possible and should enhance the animal, not compete with it.

The digital technology allows us to set and check the exposure in advance and then we can shoot as many pictures as we can. Later we can choose the better images.

Just a little tilt of the head or the a sparkle in its eyes can make a big difference in how the image looks like.

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