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Photoshop: how to fix a missing part of a picture

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Last fall, while I was walking in Little Bennett Park in Maryland, I saw a big insect flying in front of me. I follow it and started to photograph it immediately.

I couldn’t see it very well because I was photographing against the sun. I checked the histogram in the camera to make sure I was using the correct exposure and took as many pictures as it let me, before flying away.

As soon as I got home, I opened my pictures in Photoshop and I discovered that the mantis was missing an eye, and I decided to fix it.


The first thing I did was to select the good eye, copy it and paste it.


But it had a problem, the antennae was covering part of it, so after I pasted it, I transformed and rotated it in place.


The last thing I did was to select it again and use a very tiny brush to clone it, until I fixed it completly.

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