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How to photograph while moving the camera

April 28, 2009 by  
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When we  photograph we usually want sharp and well focus images, but sometimes moving the camera while we press the shutter release in a very low speed can give as very interesting images.

This is a traditional photograph of the Brooklyn bridge taken in New York City from Sea Port. It was freezing that night and I was using a “gorilla tripod” attached to a handrail.

Even though it was really windy and I manage to get some sharp images, but with the long exposure time (20 sec) was very difficult to keep the camera still.

After a few attempts, a very strong wind gust, push the camera while I was taking the picture. The new image was very interesting because the lights in the bridge “painted” a pattern in the sensor.

This was a mistake, but the way it was taken, can lead us to experiment with it. Use a long shutter speed and move the camera while pressing the shutter release. It works better whit very contrasty subjects.

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