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How to photograph inside churches

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Churches are beautiful places regardless of  the religion they follow or the date they were constructed.

All of them have been built as places to honor God and were erected as spaces were our soul should rejoice with beauty.

In many of them, the lighting was meticulously studied to inspire us about God’s grandiosity and this is something the photographer must take advantage of.

It is very important that you know in advance if you need a permission to photograph inside the church, if they have restrictions and special hours, and if you can use a tripod.

We need to be aware that a built in flash will not be able to illuminate more than a few feet from were we are standing and that the only way we have to get a balance image is to have a long exposure time.

A tripod allows us to frame our image with care, use a great depth of field to keep the picture in focus and get the warm colors of natural light.

It is important to keep the ISO as low as possible and the shutter speed under 20 seconds to avoid digital noise.

We must always try to photograph during a cloudy day, not only to be able to obtain the beautiful  daylight coming through the windows, but also to avoid the high contrast situation caused by direct sunlight.

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